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My name is Nathalie and I am a French translator, proofreader/revisor since 2015, and copywriter since 2020.

I have a very good knowledge of businesses and brands, a passion for everything that's written, and a wide culture.

Before becoming a translator, I worked as a Marketing consultant, a Client director, and a Consumer insights manager in Paris.

The professional needs of international companies have been part of my career since 1994 [the year of The Lion King release, Academy award for the Schindler's List, Ayrton Senna and Kurt Cobain deaths, when Nelson Mandela became President, the Rwandan genocide, and the release of Blur's pop hit Girls & Boys].

I am married with two daughters, I love traveling to new countries or to my preferred cities (Rome & London), playing tennis (btw this name comes from the term used long ago to start a point in jeu de paume, the French imperative "Tenez!"), enjoying fine meals with friends.


I have also read +300 detective novels.

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What is a professional translator? 

I have been a certified translator since passing my Master's degree in professional English- French translation in 2015 at the University of Strasbourg. I also have a Master's degree in management and marketing.

This ensures you high-quality writing and translating: style, clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation...together with an in-depth understanding of marketing and sustainability topics.

I understand your business thanks to my high-level experience during 18 years in two businesses. 

Your communication goal becomes mine!

Productivity and consistency are guaranteed by the use of powerful CAT tools*. 


I am a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs (SFT), the French translating and interpreting union. I am also a member of the French Mampreneures network and of the Translation Mastermind group in which I am sure to find the best experts [language x field of expertise] each time I need them.

I am also a member of the platform for freelance translators. 

(*) Computer-Aided Translation (see picture on the left)

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