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Communicate to your French-speaking audience thanks to a French translator who knows your business.  

Thanks to my experiences as a Market research manager and a Linguist since 2015,

I translate your business texts into perfect French.

I translate from English into French and work with other experts in case you need more languages.

Type of texts already translated:

Market research documents, 
Sales brochure, business presentation, e-book, business strategy, user guide, white paper etc.

All online and offline web communications: website, blog article,

e-learning, press release, internal training guide, management performance evaluation, product sheet, etc.
Technical document or research paper


Writing is my thing.

I help you to optimize your written communication (blog article, page, post, subtitles, newsletter, print)

Readers have little time to read your communications: I help you to offer original content that engages your target audience.

Useful, educational, valuable messages that will improve your visibility on the web.

My texts are tailored to your unique business and always reflect your business values

My stories will bring

your vision to life.


Being a translator means having a passion for detail and being eagle-eyed.

I proofread and revise your French texts for perfect quality.

I eliminate spelling and grammar errors or wrong punctuation that cause readers to lose focus; 

I spot annoying word repetitions and difficult to read sentences,

and deliver a flawless text to you.

Someone who is external to your company will see flaws that you do not see anymore.


What my clients are saying about JOFFRE TRADUCTIONS

What I am proud of


My 2020/2021 portfolio:

TRANSLATIONS - Here are 4 of my 2020 translations that were published by my clients:

  • Artists' biographies and visual art installations' presentation click here 

  • Blog article about Spain's new climate plan for Iddri  click here

  • E-book on the ROI of media marketing for Nielsen click here

  • New French website for Séissmo click here

COPYWRITING - I create copies since November 2020. You can read here a Linkedin post, on burn-out, published by the meditation instructor Marion Méditation.                                                                                                                                                                               


Your written communication is my priority



"As a research institute, IDDRI publishes many papers, from simple blog posts to reports spanning some fifty pages, almost always in French and English. We frequently call on Nathalie Joffre for translations from English to French. She delivers very high-quality work. Nathalie takes great care to tailor the vocabulary to the target audience and has an excellent understanding of the specific terms related to the issue dealt with in the text.  We also specialize in sustainable development topics and really appreciate the fact that Nathalie has an in-depth knowledge of this field, including technical issues."
IDDRI - Development & Communication Director

"For us, Nathalie's strength is her ability to perfectly master the complex vocabulary used in our market studies (English to French). Nathalie is able to get to grips with the content of the texts we send her, a rare gift, indeed. In 2018, she worked with us when we were migrating our website over a very short time-frame. The results were excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend Nathalie!" IRI - Communication Manager

"Her style is impeccable, and the translations very pleasant to read."
ACOLAD - Head of Vendor Management

"Nathalie delivers work of excellent quality, she is conscientious, thorough, and always delivers on time. Most remarkably, prior to commencing work on the commissioned translations, she delivered a French-English glossary of more than 800 words in the fields of water, water treatment, finance, and the environment." SDEA - Secretarial and language services Manager

"Nathalie Joffre did a remarkable job for my company when we were expanding internationally. She is highly proactive and professional; thanks to her work, I have made many export contacts."  

LE PETIT BERET - CEO and Founder

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Here is a useful industry guide before buying a translation: "Translation. Getting it right". 


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